MBCC is a non-profit and self-funding organization, founded in 2014 by a group of individuals who had an interest in facilitating business between Malaysia and Bangladesh. With a Head Office in Kuala Lumpur. MBCC is representing numbers of member companies from various sectors, forming a dynamic and powerful business network.
MBCC‘s main purpose is to develop relations between  Malaysian and Bangladeshi business community and to encourage, facilitate and support trade and investments between Malaysia and Bangladesh, by focusing on an efficient business networking and by staying focused on the constant improvement of the services offered to members.
The roles of MBCC in business and commerce:-
–  Organizing trade events and exhibitions.
–  Organizing seminars, training programs, etc.
–  Promote and foster trade, services, investment and joint ventures between Malaysia and Bangladesh.
–  Increase interaction and contacts with Malaysia and Bangladesh trade organizations.
–  Encourage people-to-people contact and cultural relationship between the two countries.